Staff, Faculty and Lecturers


CARE Office

Career Advancement Mentorship Program (CAMP)

Office of Student Life (OSL)

Social Justice Training - Departmental upon request



Human Resources

Diversity Certificate Training Program- five classes for certificate

Cultural Sensitivity Courses

  • Creating Cultural Awareness: Attitudes and Behavior
    To be determined.
  • Cultural Competence and Culturally Responsive Practices in Education
    To be determined.
  • Cultural Diversity (through Merced College Business Resource Center)
    To be determined.
  • Generational Diversity (through Merced College Business Resource Center)
    To be determined. Library, Online Access

All UC Merced faculty, staff, and students have access to, a leading education provider whose online library teaches the latest software tools and skills through high-quality instructional videos taught by recognized industry experts. Users can log onto with a UCMNetID and access more than 2,500 training videos on a broad range of subjects.

Education and Awareness Programs

Academic Personnel Office

UC Merced Faculty Mentoring Program and the Faculty Professional Development Series

Associated Students of UC Merced (ASUCM)

Food Pantry Assistance/Volunteer Program

CARE Office

Counseling and Psychologial Services

Informational presentations offered throughout the year.

Early Childhood Education Center

The Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC) welcomes parents, families and student clubs to share cultural stories, traditions, arts, foods and other activities with the children. With a rich diversity of families and students at UC Merced, we have a unique opportunity to explore cultures that can enrich our program.

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