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CARE Office
CARE provides confidential advocacy and primary prevention against gender-based violence, domestic/dating violence and stalking.
United We Stand
The Office of Campus Compliance works to prevent Discrimination and Sexual Violence and helps to ensure UC Merced is a safe and inclusive place to learn, work and live.
CCCI Council
The Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion monitors UC Merced’s progress in creating an environment that fosters inclusion and community.
Safe Zone
The Safe Zone program promotes education, acceptance, and confidential support of gender and sexual diversity.
Reporting Fraud
UC policies can help you "blow the whistle" on improper activities and protect you from retaliation.


The Office of Campus Climate and Compliance provides direction, guidance and resources to assist the campus in creating and maintaining a positive and healthy learning, working and living environment.

The Office is committed to enhancing campus climate, encouraging inclusion, fostering respect and promoting community while fulfilling UC Merced’s mission of research, teaching and service in an ethical and compliant manner.

Provide Climate Feedback

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Ethics and Compliance

Mandatory Training and Education

Threat Management (BIT)

Conflict and Crisis Resolution

Discrimination, Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action

Internal Audit

Sexual Violence Prevention